EXCELLENT: GERMANS SPEAK THEIR MINDS! – 2 more German Truth Telling Websites not to miss!


[The most important thing we whites can do in 2018, for our race as a whole, is to support Europeans, but especially Germans, who wish to speak out and speak the truth! This year, sadly, my friend and comrade, Alfred Schaefer ended up on trial along with his sister for the stupid “crime” of speaking the truth about Germany and its history and the filthy disgusting Jewish garbage. Sylvia Stolz was also being hounded back to prison for daring to speak her mind.

The best thing of all, for me, has been to see other Germans arising and getting online and beginning to speak their minds like the rest of us whites. Its about time that we get to hear what Germans have to say and think, because for over 70 years they’ve been shut up, treated like dogs, thrown in jail … and even executed for ficticious crimes that never happened. If the rest of us whites can stand by the Germans, and help to spread the truth and help to support them, then we’ve done one of the greatest things we can for our race as a whole.

Here are 2 German truth telling websites that one of my most loyal German friends pointed me to. One of them is run by some people he knows personally, and it includes a pilot who has done some very interesting investigative work on some of these mysterious planes that have been shot down in recent years!

You’ll find lots of stuff on these websites.

I’ll post a simple trick on how you can translate any website you want and read it in English. Jan]

Here are the 2 websites:-



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