EXCELLENT: GAME OVER: The Swedish – Belarus COVID Herd Immunity Strategy Has Won – My Comments


[The Swedes and Belorussians won the day! Sanity and logic beats Jewish induced panic. Fantastic. Jan]

Great comment on the story by Jon Hellevig:

Game over. The Swedish-Belarussian model has won. Herd immunity is the way to go. Study and random testing shows that 600,000 or one-third of Stockholm county’s population have had the corona infection.

They had no symptoms or so little they did not even know they had it. Some 1,500 died, mortality 0.25%. In tough competition, the seasonal flu is still leading. 0.25% is share of those infected, the mortality to the whole population would be 0.015%, which would make the seasonal flu win hands down.

Hope when Putin hears about this today he orders Mayor Sobyanin to tear down his cybergulag, as fun as he might have in experimenting in hype technology and people’s lives.

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