EXCELLENT: From Germany: Important: COVID, Bill Gates the Criminal – The Puppets in Parliaments


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[Some good critical thinking stuff from Germany with tons of references and facts. Look at the raw truth about COVID as reported in 8 countries. Jan]

Friends, critics and fellow thinkers!

The following text was extracted from the Austrian online newspaper "Wochenblick"
(https://www.wochenblick.at/) taken and placed in its own context. The messages are often
not brand new but of lasting importance.

Resistance to the genocide of the peoples of the world, with the help of one of the international ones
Jewish media cartel-borne panic pandemic and fatal injections, disguised as "social
Obligation against infection "is forming worldwide. The hardly hidden goals, with help
the chaos wrought by their vassals, the destruction of the domestic economy, the
social structure and traditions should lead to the sole world domination of the clique of human
lead enemies and murder more than 7 billion people on earth. Let’s join forces around this
To resist criminals in governments so that our children and their children become one more
have a future worth living in.


  1. USA –
    The US health authority CDC (Centers for Disease Control) had already announced in January 2021
    announced that 94% of those listed as COVID deaths succumbed to their previous illnesses
    and only 6% can be traced back to Corona.

The questionable way of counting the corona deaths: All those who up to 28 days before death by means of
PCR test that tested positive are automatically counted as corona deaths. The same goes for,
if a PCR test is positive after death. In case of doubt, a broken neck can be done in this way
still be declared a Covid victim after a motorcycle accident.

Coronavirus Restrictions Ruled Unconstitutional by Pennsylvania Federal Judge
On September 16, 2020, an American federal judge ruled the coronavirus restrictions of the
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf found unconstitutional. Wolf’s pandemic restrictions,
who required people to stay at home, placed size restrictions on gatherings
and orders to close "non-life support" businesses are unconstitutional, ruled U.S.
District Judge William Stickman IV. The verdict means current lockdown restrictions,
not including those who limit the size of indoor and outdoor gatherings
may be enforced.

The governors of the US states of Texas and Florida have, contrary to the order of the
Federal Government in Washington D.C. any restriction of life with justification "CORONA"
canceled. In Texas, wearing masks is even prohibited (no masking)

  1. Portugal –
    Portuguese court ruling revealed: only 0.9 percent real corona deaths

– News AUF1 from June 30, 2021 (odysee.com)

The suspicion has been confirmed:
A citizens’ initiative forced that verified before a court in Lisbon
Death dates for COVID-19 cases will be published.
In only 0.9% of the alleged cases (152 dead), the court found COVID-19 as the cause of death.
The rest of the reported 17,000 so-called "Corona fatality" died and had from other causes
an allegedly positive PCR test only if death was determined.
Last year, the Hamburg pathologist Prof. Klaus Püschel actually asked the train at that time
prohibited autopsies on around 100 so-called "Corona dead" states that the vast majority
of the deceased Covid-19 was not the cause of death.

With the help of mild flu, the pandemic status was declared as planned.

  1. Peru
    A Peruvian court ruled that the COVID-19 pandemic
    was raised by Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller

On December 21, 2020, a three-judge Peruvian court declared that the coronavirus pandemic
started by billionaires Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller, ironically known
as the club of the good guys – who ostensibly want to save the world. The decision published that the criminal
The process of the Covid-19 planemia was stopped. The virus is "unpredictable", except for its creators,
who control and direct it with extreme secrecy within their environment and the global corporations,
with a projection on the 2030 Agenda, reports the official Peruvian legal news service lpderecho,
citing the court order of December 21, 2020. Here is the judgment of the Peruvian court:

  1. Italy

Italian MP Sara Cunial MP for Rome, denounced Bill Gates as a "vaccine criminal"
and asked the Italian President to report him for crimes against humanity
Surrender to the International Criminal Court of The Hague: "Bill Gates must be sent by the International Criminal Court
to be charged with "crimes against humanity" ".

MEP Sara Cunial criticized during her 7-minute speech in front of the national parliament
the Italian President Giuseppe Conte for opposing Bill Gates in a "global coup"
got together. Here is a quote from the extraordinary speech:

"We, the people, will kindle the fire of resistance so far that it will not be possible
oppress us all.

I ask you, Mr. Chairperson (of Parliament), to be our spokesman who will advise President Conte:
The next time you get a call from "philanthropist" Bill Gates, put him straight to the
International Criminal Tribunal for Crimes against Humanity continues. "

https://connectiv.events/italienische-abgeordnete-bill-gates-muss-vom-internationalen-strafgerichtshof-wegen-verbrechen-gegen-die-menschlichkeit-angeklagt-werden/; https://t.me/QlobalChange

An intercepted report from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution made it public that Bill Gates was $10 million
Offered a bribe for a government coronavirus vaccination program in Nigeria.

As reported last year, President Lukashenko of Belarus revealed that the coronavirus aid
the World Bank comes with conditions for imposing extreme lockdown measures in order to keep its coronavirus
To shape reaction along the lines of Italy and to make changes in economic policy, what
Lukashenko rejected it as "unacceptable".

  1. Belgium

Belgian health experts are calling for an investigation into the WHO for simulating a coronavirus pandemic

Thousands of doctors and health experts from Belgium wrote an open letter to the authorities to investigate the
WHO called on for simulating a coronavirus pandemic. The letter didn’t just get in the health authorities
Belgium but impressed all over the world. The text could in any case refer to where their states
Imprison citizens rather than giving people freedom and allowing medical professionals to be the primary one
To take over the task of disease control.

Verdict: Belgium must lift restrictions –
Belgium must take all measures within 30 days of a court ruling for insufficient legal basis
Revoke restriction of freedom. This has a court of the capital Brussels in the first instance after an action by the
League for Human Rights decided. A spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry confirmed the verdict.

The League for Human Rights sued the Belgian state a few weeks ago because of the decisions taken during the
Corona pandemic had no legal basis. The judgment now provides for a fine of €5,000 per day – but a maximum of €200,000 -,
if it is not implemented. According to the Flemish newspaper “De Standaard”, the Belgian state can appeal.
However, this would have no suspensive effect.

Strict corona rules currently apply in the country. Belgians are only allowed to have close contact with someone outside their own household
to have. Four people wearing masks are allowed to meet outdoors. Shopping is only possible by appointment. Restaurants, inns and cafes
have been closed for months anyway. There has long been a night curfew across the country. In addition, you can do without
good reason neither to enter nor to leave the country. (apa)

  1. Germany

A lawsuit by the AfD parliamentary group in Saxony-Anhalt has now led to renewed legal gossip for the power cartel
guided. The state constitutional court there explained essential parts of Saxony-Anhalt’s corona measures from the
Fall 2020 for unconstitutional!

The measures collected include the restrictions on private celebrations, the ban on accommodation, the ban on bus travel and
the nationwide closure of restaurants. The chain of corona measures classified as unlawful by the courts
thus becomes longer and longer. Justification of the highest court of Saxony-Anhalt: All these decisions are without legal
Basis takes place. https://afdkompakt.de/2021/03/29/afd-klage-wektiven-gericht-erklaert-corona-regel-fuer-verfassungswidrig/
An unprecedented disgrace for the ruling vassals of the Merkel regime. For the citizens of Saxony-Anhalt that means
Specific decision: deletion of the administrative offense proceedings that were initiated on the basis of the ordinance at the time.
After this first success, however, things are only really getting started: The AfD is also complaining against the current Corona policy of
Landes – also in other federal states.

Weimar District Court takes apart the basis for corona measures:
Summary of the judgment (Weimar District Court, file number 6 OWi-523 Js 202518/20):

There has never been a real pandemic emergency
The LOCKDOWN and the EXIT BARRIERS are ILLEGAL and must be removed immediately.

The state has no right to prevent citizens from meeting, inviting, or otherwise moving freely.
The human and economic damage that has resulted is gigantic. Conclusion: The death toll by
lockdowns are significantly higher than those generated by the virus.

It is a catastrophic wrong political decision with dramatic consequences.
This judgment is fundamentally important as a reference for objecting to the corona measures.
The "case numbers" are falling, as are the patients in the intensive care units – the judge confirms this with evidence.

  1. Uruguay

Court in Uruguay confirms the non-existence of Corona

  1. Portugal

Portuguese Court of Appeal finds PCR tests unreliable and lifts quarantine

November 2020: At the PCR tests, which can be traced back to a publication by the German virologist Christian Drosten
and were pushed by the private association WHO, there have been doubts for a long time. Most importantly, that results of the test for
official decisions from quarantine to lockdowns should be consulted. These concerns are now rolled into one
Decision of a Portuguese Court of Appeal held.

In a decision of November 11, 2020, a Portuguese court of appeal ruled against the regional health
Azores authority in relation to a lower court ruling restricting the group to a maximum of four people
to be declared inadmissible.

Of these, one person had tested positive for Covid with a PCR test; the other three people got away with it
assumed that they were exposed to a high risk of exposure. As a result, the regional health authority decided
that all four are infectious and hazardous to health, which is why they had to be isolated. An approach that we do too
experience with our health authorities regularly.

For those familiar with the Portuguese language, the original judgment here, the English translation by a Portuguese professor here.

Not only Germany, but the entire NEW world doesn’t give a shit about judgments made by the highest court.

None of the above judgments had any demonstrable impact on criminal restrictions
through lockdowns and the genocidal vaccination campaigns, whose side effects, including one that have never been observed before
The death rate after the vaccinations leave all governments completely indifferent. Just a few years ago, these vaccinations would be immediate
discontinued and banned by the highest courts. Nothing like that is happening today. One of the primary characters
of totalitarian systems is that they do not feel bound by any law or constitution. We have this condition today –
for the first time in recent history, not just regionally, but globally.

For this reason there is only one possible conclusion: national and global resistance must above all
rely on the strength of the peoples and of all awakened people and bury their hope that help will come from outside.
She won’t. Even if Fuellmich should reach a decision at the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the NWO governments will
Ignore this or, more likely, influence the judges in advance so that they do not even make such a decision
dare to grasp. Mankind must free itself from the scourge of its own accord without the aid of any instances
Liberate the New World Order / GREAT RESET. Or she will have to live a life in never-ending slavery.

About all the discussions from all the scientists, how the virus develops, whether the vaccination
helps or harms, the 3,000-year-old plan of the rabbis from the Torah is forgotten:
All goyim peoples are to be subjugated and destroyed. But the goyim peoples no longer know
that they are goyim, that they face a merciless enemy who seeks their extermination.
If the Talmud is too troublesome for you, at least read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
That is around 80 pages in which the goals of the learned elders are proclaimed.

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