EXCELLENT: Chaos Erupts At Dearborn School Board Meeting As Parents Are Furious Over Sexually Explicit Books For Children (Video)

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[This is good. Whites getting angry over this evil garbage that is foisted on the kids. Whites need to get angry and to take back CONTROL of many things including their children. Jews and Liberals are DESTROYING YOUR KIDS! Jan]

You can watch the video here: https://thewashingtonstandard.com/chaos-erupts-at-dearborn-school-board-meeting-as-parents-are-furious-over-sexually-explicit-books-for-children-video/

On Monday night, hundreds of parents packed the Dearborn Public Schools Board meeting and shut it down over their disgust and anger that sexually explicit books were being made available to children. As the meeting descended into chaos, those protesting often ignored police requests to stop interrupting other board members.

A crowd of vocal parents were scolded during a Dearborn, Michigan school board meeting Monday night after they took issue with how the district decides if a book is appropriate for their children’s eyes.

“We understand that people have differing opinions,” board president Roxanne McDonald told some boisterous parents while she hit her gavel to silence the crowd. “We will conduct ourselves as adults. We will not boo, we will not jeer. You can clap if you’d like, and you’ll listen to the speaker.”

Her comments came after a group of parents erupted into boos after board member Adel Mozip agreed that some books in the district’s library may have “fallen through the cracks” when it comes to accessing their age appropriate levels.

Mozip said efforts to prohibit sexually explicit and violent books from school libraries was “not book banning” and in line with the schools’ practices for decades.

He went on to say that some parents have taken their responses too far.

“Our librarians and educators have been attacked by some members of the public and labeled as sexual predators and groomers – this is insulting and disrespectful and liable,” he said to cheers from the crowd. “This is a serious accusation and undermines our educators and librarians.

“Parents have a choice, and they have a voice and this administration have given you that voice,” he added.

Some in the crowd responded by booing loudly.

“That is not necessary,” chided McDonald.

Another board official spoke out and said, “I just want to remind everyone that there are young children here watching your behavior. Please be courteous and respectful of each other.”

But the board official is not concerned over their allowing sexually explicit books to those same children? Hypocrite!

Parents, get your kids out of the public schools now! Stop playing games with those who are clearly your enemies!

Source: https://thewashingtonstandard.com/chaos-erupts-at-dearborn-school-board-meeting-as-parents-are-furious-over-sexually-explicit-books-for-children-video/

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