EXCELLENT: An American Security website claims S.African soldiers SURRENDERED to Black Rebel Group – SA Military *FURIOUS*


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[This is a good laugh. An American security website which seems pretty good, says that South African soldiers fighting in the Congo surrendered to a Black Rebel group. This news spread like wildfire here in SA. The South African Military was so infuriated they published an official letter calling this a lie. The American website definitely seems to have some kind of informants they trust. They published the official Government military letter and they remain firm in their statement that South African troops did surrender to a rebel group called M23. Some South African troops were killed in the fighting there earlier this year. I think this story is a serious possibility. We'll need to watch it and see if any other information leaks out via other sources. I think the SA Government is too embarrassed by this. We will need to keep watching this. Jan]

Here’s the original story:

Here’s the updated one which includes the official South African Government denial:

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