EXCELLENT: All kinds of weird benefits from Russian/Ukraine war: Gab is growing…


Well, it is actually good that there is real stress between the worthless dog scum who rule the West and Russia. I see Gab is growing. Gab might become a hangout for Russians and pro-Russian Whites. It is good for Whites to talk one on one. Maybe we can teach these Russians more about race and valuing RACE. Because Russia is an EMPIRE which is made up of many ethnic and racial groups. Though it was conquered by Whites in reality.

I see Jewish Youtube banned RT and now RT is moving to Gab!

Gab is definitely growing the most as a new place where Whites have less Jewish censorship.

Of course, Alex Linder’s Pieville.net is the best place for free speech for Whites.

But I must say, Gab is growing nicely and Gab does allow people to speak about Jews and race. It’s not a bad platform.

Trump made a big mistake listening to his in-house Jew Kushner re: Gab.

He really made a bad decision there.

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