Excellent: A Black attacks 2 Jews violently… Jews opened up a NIGHTMARE for Whites EVERYWHERE! – A S.African Jewish story…

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[One of my supporters sent me an email with a little video from the UK where a violent Black sees 2 Jews coming out of a building in the evening and the Black attacks the Jews. One of the Jews falls down and he tries to crawl away and the other Jew runs away. So the supporter was delighted to see this, and shared it with me. Jan]

I replied to my supporter as follows:-
That had me bursting out laughing! So well deserved. A lady I know very well told me a story from decades ago. Her family owned a petrol (gas) station. A Jew pitched up in a small car but it had lots of dents in it. The Jew was outraged. He said Blacks had been protesting and doing violence, and that he had opened his car window and shouted at them: "I’m Jewish! I’m Jewish", but the Blacks still just threw rocks at him and his car!!! Well of course, because the Blacks see Jews as "White". To them a Jew is a White. So he was so irritated that the Blacks had damaged his car! But it is all well deserved. So that makes me think of this video you sent me of the Black attacking the Jew scum in the UK! It’s wonderful when their own malice on Whites rebounds on them! It’s fabulous!

This was a hoot! And the Jews have opened a nightmare for our race and civilization. There will be HELL TO PAY rest assured. White men will need to smash these Black scum into the ground. It’s long overdue.

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