Example of Virus/Malware attacks on my Websites in a single day


[Nowadays I get daily reports from my websites on malware attacks that are being stopped. This is for one day for my white-shop.biz

The number of attacks vary randomly because all sorts of scum are busy. I assume my attacks are no worse than what happens to other websites. I noticed years ago on my old websites that there was malicious activity all the time. But I'm quite surprised with the intensity that even the new software technology has to fend off. I'm glad I've put up some protection on my sites. Jan]

Subject: Daily Activity Report for white-shop.biz

Daily activity report for: http://white-shop.biz/
Date Range Processed: Yesterday, March 6, 2020

Blocked threats: 25 (critical: 3, high: 1, medium: 21)
Blocked brute-force attacks: 0

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