Evolution of Jewish lies: New Jewish Lies about the Holohoax: Has poor David Irving been cornered by the Jews?

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This is from an exchange between Diane King and myself. Diane corrected me about Treblinka and things I was not aware of. She wrote:

Jan, David Irving, Mark Weber and David Cole believe that 900,000 were killed at Treblinka and like numbers at the other Reinhardt camps. But then we believe that they have capitulated to the Jews narrative. And of course we know that the camps in Poland were not death camps. I know what you’re saying but it’s important to watch the choice of words for our narrative. And of course, nothing adds up when you get into the specifics about so-called deaths at Treblinka and the other Reinhardt camps. Diane

My response to her:

Hi Diane,Thanks for the update. I was aware that Cole was pushing the 900,000 Treblinka lie. I was not aware of Weber’s views. I know there are people who disapprove of him, but I’ve not studied him closely.
The saddest is what you say about David Irving though. That’s sad. I’ll post your info on my site. I had been in touch with Irving on very rare occasions, and then I asked him how things were going and he said it felt like he was in a dark tunnel with such a long way to go. I noticed that he was into this Operation Reinhardt and the killing of Jews and that bothered me. A friend of mine believes that the Jews have the screws on Irving, possibly with threats on members of his family. This is what one of my friends "believes" … though we don’t know. But I have wondered if the Jews cornered Irving somehow. He is a big target and they went to great lengths with the Lipstadt trial to smash him. The Jews threw $30 million into that trial to break him. So I do feel sorry for him. Though I was chatting to a friend the other day about the SS Einsatzgruppen and the photos of them shooting Jews. My friend has also been to Eastern Europe. He told me that he’s seen the same photos used in different places with different captions, which makes it all seem very dodgy. His conclusion was that the "Jews" who were being shot were actually partisans. And the shooting of anyone operating behind enemy lines IS allowed by the rules of war. So it is sad if Irving is now saying Jews died. I was not aware that he was buying into the lie about Treblinka though. Very sad indeed. Very sad. I had noticed, in some of the stuff I was looking at, that it seems the Jews are moving the holocaust lie ever more to the East. That if the numbers are reduced in one area, then they push up the numbers in camps further to the East in order to retain the 6 million lie. I noticed that Majdanek was having its numbers pushed up. Also, that friend of mine who went to Eastern Europe about 2 years ago, told me he got to one camp which was totally sealed off from the public and you can’t see inside. They are busy with "renovations". So I have wondered if the Jews are busy preparing new lies at other camps. Treblinka is just a load of crap. I looked into that, and was convinced nothing happened there. People have gone there, and used ground penetrating radar, and also people wanted to exhume bodies. The Chief Jewish Rabbi of Poland forbade exhumations claiming that the dead need to be left in peace! (There is never a moment when a Jew is at loss for words when it comes to telling a lie!). The Jews came and put big rocks and concrete over the entire area as a "memorial" I think … cunning Jews … ensuring nobody can dig there or use ground penetrating radar again! Lying scum. I think that we will be arguing over the holocaust for the next 10,000 years, and you must not expect any time when the Jews will admit it was a lie. Like all their lies they’ll just invent new ones as fast as possible. I see new stuff coming out, endlessly, that Hitler was a Jewish agent. Jews seem to be at work feverishly maintaining their lies about the holohoax and about Hitler. It will never stop. Jews KNOW: Truth = DEATH. They know it. So they’ll be lying like never before about everything that is important, ESPECIALLY the holohoax and Hitler.

Take care

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