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Donald Trump is gone from the White House, but make no mistake: White supremacists, QAnon believers, and Trump election fraud conspiracists still pose a grave threat to our democracy and our safety.

We’ve gotten ahold of a massive data dump on the users of Gab, the far-right social network that’s become a safe haven for all the people Facebook and their ilk kicked off of their platforms.

Since its creation in 2016, Gab has harbored a who’s who of dangerous extremists, from Alex Jones to the gunman who murdered 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue to QAnon devotee Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Earlier this year, a hacker obtained 65 gigabytes of data from the site and shared it with media organizations like The Intercept to investigate.

Right now, The Intercept is digging through this massive data dump to uncover everything we can about these violent white supremacists. Will you chip in and help our team continue its reporting on the extreme right wing?

We can’t overstate the extreme nature of the lunacy that’s peddled on Gab as truth or how many dangerous personalities pervade the site.

There’s the misogynist, racist Paul Joseph Watson, who edits InfoWars and regularly spouted unsubstantiated drivel about Hillary Clinton’s health.

There’s Neon Revolt, the self-styled QAnon disciple who wrote a 660-page book about the “Story of QAnon and the 2nd American Revolution.”

And there’s the brain trust behind the far-right news site National File, whose recent top story is about a supposed chemical in face masks that causes penises to shrink.

As the January 6 riot and Trump’s disastrous presidency fades from memory, it’s more important than ever that we learn everything we can from GabLeaks and spread the word to our readers.

Donald Trump may be gone, but the white supremacists and far-right funders who helped him win in 2016 aren’t. Will you chip in to help The Intercept’s hard-hitting investigative journalism, including documenting the funders and leaders of the extreme right wing?

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