European Paganism: Where Gods took perfect humans as lovers… vs Christian Jewish confusion

There is such a difference in approach to life between the way our ancient ancestors saw life, in a frankly, totally honest and realistic way which we would all be good to adopt.

One of the key values was Ancestor Worship. Be grateful for those who came before us, and remember to keep this chain going. This sees us as a sort of biological entity, WHICH WE ARE, and this is the way Hitler saw us. This is totally correct, and we should adopt it and never abandon it. Christianity has misled us in many ways in this regard so that, as Alex Linder says, we see Jews and Blacks as "Our brothers in Jesus" and it confuses the issue. The Jews are able to take a simple concept like brotherhood and then confuse it. This is done in Christianity and Liberalism and all the many other isms that Jews created.

One thing which I think is quite different, and very interesting about the Pagan Gods is that they behaved in a very human way. They were superior, powerful beings who controlled nature. But these superior beings would at times, if they found "perfect humans", then take them as lovers.

This is a totally different concept to all the Jewish babble, and fake afterlife, etc.

We come from a line of thinking that is totally different to Jewish crap.

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