EUROPEAN DETERMINATION: The Romans, the NAZIS & HITLER – Never Quit, Never Give up…


This is from an email I wrote to someone about the problem of demoralisation that Whites have:

I appreciate your viewpoints. But DEMORALISATION and in South Africa (and even some in the US), there can be fear, even extreme fear, and that holds us back tremendously.

I’m convinced that FEAR and DEMORALISATION coupled with a total lack of faith in ourselves as a GROUP … is the key thing holding us back.

I’ve had many discussions where people just don’t even begin because they believe they are defeated at the outset, which is actually, NONSENSE.

In fact, it’s a case of learning skills and developing METHODS to fight back. Someone such as yourself who has FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE of things, like in Germany … that’s very valuable stuff to pass on.

Eventually we will find niches and methods that work. Because I’m a computer programmer, and I’ve fiddled with websites for long, I’ve seen many small things that help and I’m totally convinced TECHNOLOGY is the way to go.

There are a few additional things that also are critical, like learning about race, and politics. Even blacks in Africa were thoroughly brainwashed in politics and I must tell you, their sophistication, in knowing who is friend and foe, in politics is much better than that of Whites. But it comes from the Russians, the Soviets, having TAUGHT THEM the art of political warfare. I don’t see any reason to believe that we Whites are doomed to losing. None at all.

With some experience, with some learning, and with some comradeship and determination, everyone can give the enemy a harder time. Loving your enemy is the worst thing you can do.

We need to push back constantly and that is the only way they will develop any respect for us, or even learn to fear us.

I was reading the biography of Hans Ulrich-Rudel, probably the greatest soldier who ever lived, and I must say, that even when things were doing bad, the Germans, your people, NEVER ONCE were depressed. They just kept on going. Most fascinating were his discussions with Hitler and Goebbels even right at the end. Right to the very last they fought for their lives and no situation, no matter how insanely hopeless ever made them sit back and give up.

Hitler himself, was extremely lucid and exceptionally intelligent. Rudel writes in detail about this. Now the Romans, who Hitler looked up to, were the same. I still want to do videos about the Romans. But Roman culture was amazing.

It is a mystery why the Romans were the most determined Whites who ever lived. Well, I discovered the answer. The Romans were, what you could call: Roman Supremacists. And when things went WRONG the Romans attributed it to only 2 factors: (a) The Gods were punishing them for their own arrogance (b) SOMETHING IS WRONG – ROMANS DO NOT LOSE. Losing is like expecting things to fall upwards. It is UNNATURAL. Hence they return to "correct it".

The Romans EXPECTED TO WIN. Winning was Natural, and losing was wrong/unnatural/punishment from God.

Frankly, I think the Romans are right. If we Whites lose, we should simply say: That was unnatural and WRONG, and we must go back and hammer away UNTIL IT IS RIGHT AND WE WIN.

Losing was not something the Romans took lightly. The best example of their stoicism was the Battle of Cannae when 80% of the Roman army was destroyed in a single day. No modern nation, not even the USA would recover from such a thing today. But the Romans took it in their stride. They forbade crying and emotion. They raised new armies and kept fighting Hannibal for 14 years despite him being so excellent that he smashed them again and again. But the Romans just would not quit. They never quit. They believed in themselves. They even stated that THEY WERE BORN TO RULE OTHERS. If you did not submit to them, then they regarded it as unnatural and wrong!!! If you submitted to them, they were kind to you! If you betrayed them, they hurt you immensely. The Romans would never accept anything EXCEPT VICTORY.

They were extremely determined even in things where they were weak. They had no naval skills, yet in the end, they figured out how to build ships and took on the greatest navy in the world and eventually smashed them.

Hitler and his people had the same spirit. No matter what went wrong, they continued to fight until it was physically totally impossible.

Our ancestors were very determined people. We need to return to that way of thinking. It works!

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