Europe the last bastion: White Countries in 2010 & Predictions where Whites will be majorities in 2030 – My Comments


[My Boer NAZI pal sent me these statistics showing the percentage of Whites as predicted in 2030. I'm not sure of his sources but he normally is quite pedantic. He says that Europe will still be 80% White when White Americans have already lost their edge. This pleases me intensely. I was sure that Europe was going to be the last bastion of our race. ALL of us, no matter where we are, must rally around EUROPA!!!! Here are the stats from my pal! 14/88. I'll translate the Afrikaans below. My pal is in his 70s and he's told me many times he wishes he was in a position to move to Europe because he would do so immediately. He is sick to death of South Africa. I'm not moving yet … we have some, er work to do over here … some, let's call it Unfinished Business to take care of!!! Jan]

Dis nie vreemd nie: VSA gaan minderheid Wittes h teen 2040. Dan sal europa nog meer as 80% Wit wees.

Translation: This is not unfamiliar: USA’s Whites will be a minority by 2040. Then Europa will still be more than 80% White. Interestingly in Afrikaans, Europe is called Europa. 🙂

Countries By European or White Percentage 2010
Austria: ~91.7%
Belgium: ~89.5%
Denmark: 94.8%
France: ~86.4%
Germany: 89.6%
Ireland: 94.8%
Italy: 97.1%
Netherlands: 84.6%
Norway: 92.5%
Poland: 99.5%
Portugal: 98.9%
Spain: 93.8%
Sweden: ~89.4%
Switzerland: ~92.0%
United Kingdom: 87.1%

Europa gaan die plek vir Witmense wees om te gaan bly.
Translation: Europe is going to be the place where Whites can go to live!

Countries By European or White Percentage 2030
Austria: ~85.2%
Belgium: ~82.7%
Denmark: 91.9%
France: ~81.6%
Germany: 85.4%
Ireland: 91.5%
Italy: 92.8%
Netherlands: 79.6%
Norway: 87.6%
Poland: 99.4%
Portugal: 96.5%
Spain: 93.7%
Sweden: ~74.0%
Switzerland: ~87.0%
United Kingdom: 78.9%

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