Dumber than a Rock, (coward) Biden, the bag of shit’s maltreatment of troops & firing of 50,000 Americans


I was looking at various information coming in from this illegal bag of crap who is now the apparent "President" of the USA. The way this scumbag is starting things off, its going to be a long, horrible 4 years – even for me who does not live in the USA, just to watch the pain and agony of White Americans.

I saw some film footage apparently taken from the Biden motorcade while passing US troops and most of them turned their back to their own president. Nice!

I never cease to be amazed at what COWARDS these leftists are. These same American-patriot hating, enemy-loving scum then find that they need troops for the (fake) threat that Biden will be killed by the White Right. So they needed 20,000 troops to protect this POS. He maltreated them and they were stuck in all sorts of places. They were there to protect this worthless bag of shit – a traitor to his own nation and his own race, the Whites of America.

Then Donald Trump gave the order for the troops to be allowed to stay at one of his lavish hotels! Nice touch! Too bad the weak, pathetic, politicised Generals and Admirals did not stand by Trump during this stolen election (very possibly engineered by the Jews and Israel).

Biden’s first executive order was to stamp out the fake problem of institutionalised racism in the USA Govt – a nice stab into the backs and faces of White Americans. He repealed several of Trump’s executive orders.

I received a message that on his first day Biden also fired 50,000 people. This is what I was sent:

"In his first day as President, Joe Biden fires 10,500 people who’ve been working on the border wall, and 12,000 folks who’ve been building the XL keystone pipeline. Including secondary support jobs, Biden is putting around 50,000 people on unemployment on his first day. Just the beginning. Hold on to your hats.

Build back better didn’t work out for those 50,000. Thank a Democrat…"

So that’s the auspicious start by the old dumber than a plank communist thief, race traitor, and traitor to his own nation.

I never imagined I’d see things worse than the Clintons or Obama, but when you’re on that Jewish downhill into the abyss … things just keep getting worse I’m afraid.

Man I miss Trump already.

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