Dr William Pierce’s greatest quote: The Destiny of the White Race


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Exploring “The Land” for the first time, July 2, 1984: Gerry Sykes, Alan Balogh, Kevin Strom, William Pierce. Photographer: Jim DeWitt.
Dr William Pierce said many great and deep things. But the quote that really hits me in the pit of my stomach is this one:

“The purpose of the state is to fulfill the destiny of the Universe.”

I think Adolf Hitler would have totally approved of that quote. In these modern days, thanks to the machinations of the Jews, White Nation States and White Nations and White Govts have been discredited. But Hitler had much deeper and bigger ideas. However, I think Dr Pierce’s statement above truly takes it to the level it should be and which Hitler would have firmly grasped and agreed with. Perhaps Nietzsche himself too. Ben Klassen, whom I like to call the Pope of the White Race – he used the Roman term: Pontifex Maximus – would have agreed with this view 100%. The State as well as our political destiny is no longer centred around small things – in these views of Dr Pierce, Hitler and Klassen. The Govt begins to do the work of “the Creator”. Now the term CREATOR is a BIG BIG thing, which Klassen mentioned a lot and even Hitler used it in mysterious ways. Nietzsche however, was the man who really coined this phrase and gave it to us. Klassen’s Church of the Creator or Church of Creativity is the beginning of taking this term to the level to which it must go. And Dr Pierce makes us realise that we’re beginning to talk in UNIVERSAL TERMS, terms that are God-like. Our goal no longer is small. Our goal is now gigantic, universal. I like this a lot, and have much of my own thoughts to add to this.

Related to this is a further quote from a speech Dr Pierce gave called “Our Cause”.

Read carefully what Dr Pierce says, because it is about taking us toward godhood. Once upon a time, whites were like Gods on the earth. This is a topic we’ll return to. This is deep, wide and very, very important. It is about us assuming our proper place in the order of things in this world.

In his speech “Our Cause” Pierce said:
All we require is that you share with us a commitment to the simple, but great, truth which I have explained to you here, that you understand that you are a part of the whole, which is the Creator, that you understand that your purpose, the purpose of mankind and the purpose of every other part of creation, is the Creator’s purpose, that this purpose is the never-ending ascent of the path of creation, the path of life symbolized by our life rune, that you understand that this path leads ever upward toward the Creator’s self-realization, and that the destiny of those who follow this path is godhood.

This term of Creator, begins to apply to YOU and ME. We are CREATORS as individuals. But as a RACE, we are a RACE of CREATORS! Then we begin to assume and use the powers within us that the Universe has given us – that lies within our DNA. Note how Dr Pierce says, the path is ever upward… ever upward… towards Godhood!

That is indeed the place our race must assume, not only on this Earth, but BEYOND THIS EARTH. This is my view.

And Dr Pierce says the role of the state is to fulfill the destiny of the universe!

Now these are tremendous goals for which we whites are properly endowed and we as a race can do this … easily.

I’ll return to our incredible pre-Christian history when we were the Great White Gods. We must return to this in the future!

Source: https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/09/dr-william-pierce-preparing-the-way-part-2/

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