Dr Dan Roodt: Two high-profile victims of South African multiculturalism


[Dr Dan Roodt is completely right in saying that South Africa is imitating the USA. He fails to mention that we’re imitating a race destroying trend the Jews have had in place for over a century. So yes, South Africa is a seething hell hole thanks to the Jews, communists and Liberal scum. The Jews set up the Boers for their own destruction decades ago and yet many Boers have not grasped nor understood this yet.

Below is Dan Roodt’s article.]

One thought on “Dr Dan Roodt: Two high-profile victims of South African multiculturalism

  • 1st July 2017 at 5:04 am

    I would like to give some feedback. I have been following you for about a year and really enjoy your videos and fortunately I can listen while I work. I enjoyed the interaction when you were on twitter and facebook, I like your webpage it would be great to have a social interaction page a way to ask you questions and post feedback where you can leave short messages about what you are working on etc.. personally I enjoy posting photos and memes not just text which is why I like twitter and facebook. Patreon (which has just banned some innocent people) I would suggest you stick to developing your own social user interaction on your WWW because all these other corporations do not seem reliable. I –> really <– want to ask you about your views on South African genocide..I have picked up on a few of your videos that you do not think it as bad as some are making out, I would like to know your angle there.. Also I stopped my paypal payments when you said they cancelled you, have you got a new method? Keep up the good work, the awakening is gathering speed!


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