Don’t give a cent to illegal workers in Canada


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Attention Fellow Canadian :

Immigration Watch Canada sends you its latest bulletin : "Don’t give a cent to illegal workers in Canada"

Dan Murray,


As a result of Covid-19, Canada is currently facing a huge number of problems, but Canada’s immigration industry has just introduced another major problem. The immigration industry has recently called on Canada to provide emergency financial benefits to so-called "undocumented workers". Let’s be blunt : That term really means "illegal workers". In other words, the immigration industry is saying that illegal workers should receive the same or similar financial compensation that several million recently-unemployed Canadians are receiving. According to RCMP figures, there were about 500,000 illegals in Canada in 2007. That number has undoubtedly increased greatly over the past 17 years, particularly since Trudeau’s foolish declaration in 2015 "

This is a defining moment in our history. Under the veil of humanitarianism, Canada’s immigration industry has had its way with Canada for many years. The immigration industry likes to refer to itself as "stakeholders" in Canada’s immigration process. They pretend that they are making a vital contribution to Canada. Unbelievably, governments have accepted the immigration industry’s perverted definition of themselves. In reality, these people are quislings and parasites. They exist to expand their own bank accounts. In fact, they work constantly to weaken any government policies that stand in the way of their own interests. Their ultimate goal is to have all immigration policies serve their interests. Open borders are their dream.

Let’s review. Just who belongs to Canada’s immigration industry. Here is a brief list : ethnic groups who want to increase their numbers; immigration lawyers; immigration consultants; immigration advocates. There are thousands of these people all across Canada. The immigration industry depends upon a compliant media like the CBC to broadcast their message. It also relies on a political class to lick its boots. It is no exaggeration to say that together, the immigration industry and its media supporters are a virus. It is also no exaggeration to say that it is a much more serious virus than Corona-19 could ever be. The CBC is one of the most corrupt and shameless of Canada’s co-viruses. Other media are close behind. Like the CBC, in many cases, the immigration industry receives funding from one or more levels of government. In many, if not in all cases, the interests of the immigration industry are the opposite of Canada’s interests. To summarize, the immigration industry is a "Canada and Canadians Last" group. Their loyalties are to all other counties and to the citizens of those countries. These people should have been cleansed from Canada’s "Welfare Temple" years ago.

The two immigration industry organizations that are leading the charge to have emergency funds given to illegal workers are The Migrant Rights Network jdench

Now more than ever, Canadians have to tell politicians that they have had enough immigration nonsense.

What can average Canadians do?

Write a short e-mail to Trudeau justin.trudeau. Find your MP ‘s e-mail address and send him/her a short message :

Even better, just phone the MP’s office.

Here is a short message : Not a cent to illegal workers !!

If you want to say something different, go ahead–but please say something. Remember, to politicians, silence implies consent.

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