Does Christianity rob Whites of VICTORY? The Pagans were RIGHT: My Theory: Christianity cannot produce truly great leaders?


I have a deep love of history, especially military history, and I must tell you a secret thought I have had for quite some time. One thing I have noted in military history, of our race, is that our finest armies and finest commanders existed in the time of the Pagans. There is no question about this.

The intensity with which the White males of those past times faced battle and their belief in standing up for themselves is clearly evident in the battle casualties of those times. The scale of battles, the intensity of the battle casualties, especially, point to a determination to fight that existed back then which does not exist now. If you look at the deaths in battles, before white armies quit, you will be astounded.

When I look at the pagan leaders, like Caesar, Alexander and others, you see a determination and a will to win and be victorious and to CRUSH YOUR ENEMY that is totally different to the way we are now. They wanted conquest, they wanted victory. They lusted after it.

In modern times we’ve lost all that thinking. In fact, conquest would be a war crime in the modern age and even thinking of it would be a thought crime.

It is my view that what we desperately need at this time are those Pagan-type thinking Europeans – make no mistake. But I have a theory, and the theory is this: That Christianity cannot produce truly great leaders who can win on a big scale. That Christianity prevents us from thinking like our pagan ancestors did and it thus robs us of victory.

When it comes to military victory, I think Christianity prevents us from winning on a vast scale, like we are capable of. If you add in Liberalism, then you drop to an even lower level. Liberalism is even worse. In Liberalism you grovel like a dog before BLM, etc.

For quite a few years, I’ve been thinking that Christianity is robbing us of great victories and great achievements.


Because Christianity is too full of limiting rules. Those rules prevent us from thinking like our ancestors.

Our ancestors WANTED TO WIN. They WANTED TO WIN BADLY. They thought of CRUSHING and SMASHING others.

Christianity is filled with too many Jewish rules that prevent victory.

Liberalism is even worse.

Our ancestors DESIRED CONQUEST, DESIRED VICTORY at all costs. That’s how they thought. And until we can think like that, we’re going nowhere.

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