DISGUSTING DIVERSITY SUCKS: Mistrial after black jurors refuse to convict young black male, who murdered a white woman

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[Look at this disgusting event. This is what I'm trying to warn Whites in America and Europe about. At the others GAIN POWER OVER YOU or HAVE POWER … they will turn on you. Jews are lying to you about diversity. Diversity is nothing more than a trick to fool you Whites while Jews are WEAKENING YOU. This filthy type of event like this is no surprise to me in Africa. Jan]

Firstly, here is the commentary from the White American who sent this to me. This is all valid:-

Just Say’n

Generally, prosecution does not get a guilty verdict with insufficient evidence. The killers’ DNA was at the scene. I assume those knives were his. Judges rarely interfere with jury decisions/processes without legitimate cause.

Judges do not change jury verdicts of not guilty.

Was he declared not guilty because the trial ended in a mistrial?

Reversing a not guilty would violate the 5th Amendment (Constitution) and prevent

However, a hung jury based on black jury nullification trumps justice, again.

The right to have a trial by a jury of one’s peers.

The killer’s true peers were largely absent from the jury, with a few exceptions.

The Judge has the retrial set for January.

In picking the jury, the prosecution should remind the blacks interviewed that they must not discriminate by race.

Here’s the story:-

Robbery, in her home. Hands and feet bound, 24 stab wounds. Her son found her.

(perp) Resiles, aka, “moochie”, had a criminal history that went back to before he was a teenager and included several burglaries in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

He escaped during a pre-trial hearing on July 15, 2016, from Judge Raag Singhal’s courtroom on the fourth floor.

His supporters used “#runmoochierun” on social media for days and a local rapper later made a song in his honor.


This is what these liberal monsters have created. In what universe does this serve “social justice” or black people when he’ll do it again and the next victim may be black? It’s open season on everyone because of these f*ckers.

Source: https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/mistrial-after-black-jurors-refuse-to-convict-young-black-male-who-murdered-a-white-woman/

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