Disgusting Anti-Boer Propaganda Movie Junk: Krotoa – Jan van Riebeeck adopts a non-White princess

[This is from a discussion with a Boer. I did not know about this movie. I think the key is to see WHO FUNDED AND MADE THIS. Because that is where you will find OUR ENEMY. Jews? Jan]

A couple of years ago they started pushing the idea that Afrikaners are basically Indian on the female genetic line. On top of this intellectual garbage in 2017 they made what is probably the worst Afrikaans movie of all time, "Krotoa". In it, Jan van Riebeeck adopts a khoi khoi "princess" into his home and later proceeds to molest/rape her. The movie works up to a climax where Krotoa hysterically shouts "ek is Krotoa" in a jail cell on Robben island. A list of South African statesmen are then flashed on screen that are supposedly related to her.

Garbage like this is pumped into peoples minds to break down resistance and morale.

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