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HORRIFIC STATISTICS: The Horror of Black Communist Rule in S. Africa since 1994
This is doing the rounds on a big scale here in South Africa among Whites. This will give you an idea of the horror of Black rule.

[A number of us who own and run websites and shows were chatting among ourselves about the mad Liberal Christians in the USA. Jan]

Jan wrote:-
Hi John,
“strength in diversity” is the grandest lie of all. That is: anti-logical, anti-historical, etc. It can be torn apart on many levels.
From my experiences and observations in Africa, which includes my long studies of whites and blacks in Zimbabwe, I can tell you how this actually pans out, and why its total rubbish. There is an interview I did before I went to the USA, where I was on the fash bash group for 2 hours talking non-stop. In there, I made my prediction of how the future of the USA would be and the many things that they do NOT tell you, but which will happen for certain. Strength in diversity is the biggest lie of all. There are people who listened to that interview and they said its one of the greatest interviews I ever did.

I can assure you that your “new Americans” will be clashing with you. And the very definition of patriotism, etc will change.

I must find the interview. I know I downloaded it.

Strength in diversity is one of the biggest, boldest lies they are telling you, and it should be ripped asunder from every angle and the historical data exists which can show this is a huge lie. They are actually setting you up for FUTURE RACIAL WAR AND CONFLICT ON US SOIL! THEY’RE BRINGING IN YOUR FUTURE ENEMIES. Billy Roper has spoken about this with his Balkanisation idea – which is dead on the money.

In many ways, this is deeper. This is about the difference between nationalism, empire and ethnostate. I think I must coin a new term: Ethno-empire.

Those are the 4 forms of state that I see. Hitler was heading from Ethno-State (Third Reich) to Ethno-Empire in the long term with SS being the core.
Nation states are smaller, but last much longer than Empire.

Empire is huge. It looks imposing, but its actually internally very weak. Empire can fall apart easily and revert to Nation.

The Nation State, is actually a European creation and its a sort of Ethno-State or Ethnic-State. It is the strongest thing there is. Its physically small, but it packs intense punch for its size. But Empire, created out of “diversity” is very weak actually.

The USA collapsed the Austro-Hungarian Empire in WW1 using nothing but propaganda.

I think Ethno-state is the best form of grouping, but I think Ethno-Empire will be incredible. The entire Western world could be turned into an Ethno-Empire, which is basically what it sort of was. If the Western World is transformed into an Ethno-Empire, it will have no equal. As Ben Klassen predicted, if whites stand together, we’ll be 10x stronger than the rest of the world put together. I think he has understated our power. Even my supporters agreed it was an understatement. We could be anything from 20x to 100x stronger than the rest of the world put together. We could take over entire continents and nobody would be able to stop us.

History is filled with collapsed empires.

Look what the Jews did to Russia? I’ve said before they want to do the same in the USA.

The Jews are bringing the flowing of blood to your country. My own view is that the next great war will not be in Europe, it will be on US soil.

Whereever the Jews are … they start war and trouble. These immigrants and those insane Jews… are going to rip your country asunder.

I actually put out a short audio, aimed at white south africans to try to teach them about Jews. I’m trying hard to teach the people here from scratch, and I’m finally getting chances where they let me say my say and they listen to me politely even if they disagree. I will be publishing some of those audios. I’ll try to do a minimum of 3 per week in order to give them basic lessons in politics, race and history.

Here is the short 17 minute audio on the core problem between whites and Jews: http://historyreviewed.net/?p=11999

Please listen to it.

You’ll see that I describe whites vs Jews as an internal power struggle. That is EXACTLY what is unfolding in your country.

Jews sat quietly in South Africa at first and then they CREATED RACE WAR HERE.

They’re doing the same thing IN YOUR COUNTRY IN YOUR FACE.

I’m actually going through a PDF where a researcher was looking at Russia and what they did there. The guy was using archives in Paris, Germany, Russia to look at the influence of Russian Emigres on the formation of NAZI thinking. Apparently even the Tsarina drew a Swastika on a window before she died – the Swastika being a symbol of Aryan purity. Very fascinating. The Germans definitely knew a lot about Russia and the Jews and we should take our hats off to the Russian Emigres who tried to tell the truth to whites in Germany and even the USA.



Your stupid, greedy, white elite are idiots. They see $$$ signs in their eyes like the whites did in South Africa. The $$$ will disappear… and the next thing you know is that you’ve lost something more important than $$$ and that is YOUR POLITICAL POWER, MILITARY POWER, ECONOMIC POWER. It will all be in other people’s hands.

The Jew has tried to hijack every nation and empire he’s ever lived in. That’s what these pieces of Jewish dog shit do.

John Kaminski wrote:

This is very important. It reveals the lie of the Jewish catchphrase “strength in diversity”. Diversity is the Jewish formula for destabilization of societies. Jews want everybody except themselves to be refugees beholden to the “generosity” of Jewish bankers. Everybody needs to know this.

Sarah wrote:

Just a collection of signs of Christians welcoming invaders. Church organizations are given lots of money to go along with the “Great Replacement” – https://gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/008/431/024/original/cfa56f0b77f6bd6d.jpeg

For Aristotle, democracy is possible only within homogeneous ethnic groups, while despots have always reigned over highly fragmented societies.

A multi-ethnic society is thus necessarily anti-democratic and chaotic, for it lacks philia, this profound, flesh-and-blood fraternity of citizens. Tyrants and despots divide and rule, they want the City divided by ethnic rivalries. The indispensable condition for ensuring a people’s sovereignty accordingly resides in its unity. Ethnic chaos prevents all philia from developing. – https://pieville.net/system/media_attachments/files/000/141/207/small/6f95525c4650d43e.jpeg?1567250254

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