Did Trump really insult the Military Vets? – Nancy Pelosi admits to MASS LYING with Jewish Media

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[Just a note. People are saying Trump disses the Vets. I sent this note to a supporter who was spreading some info that I am not sure of. Jan]

This is what I wrote:
BTW, beware of quotes attributed to Trump. I saw another news article that said that Trump did NOT diss the Vets. Pelosi has openly stated (this is another thing I’ve not published), but she OPENLY STATES that they INVENT LIES which are then pushed out to the MASS MEDIA who repeat it. She calls it "The Wrap up lie".

So I urge people to check anything said about Trump, because they OPENLY LIE AND SPREAD IT ACROSS THE USA IMMEDIATELY.

Pelosi has said it openly. It’s something I need to return to.


I am very impressed with the HATRED towards Trump of people who left him and then whine like Liberal babies (a bunch of jackasses if you ask me). And all the "EVIL" things they say about Trump are actually racist.

Now of course, the question is: Are they LYING about Trump or are they telling the TRUTH?
If they are telling the truth then it is great for us because they claim all kinds of racism.
If on the other hand, Trump is just a Liberal and they’re making this stuff up about him, then it actually means he’s worthless.

But I was very interested in his ENEMIES and what they claim about him, because I actually LIKE much of what they say is "EVIL".

So there’s some fact checking needed.

Is there a video where we hear Trump dissing the vets? Is there a proper news report on it?
My understanding is that the military/secret service types really like Trump and that is normally a good sign.

Whereas they HATED the Clintons.

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