Did Jews play a role in Katy Perry’s success? – & Australia’s huge: The Seekers

I was chatting to someone on pieville.net and we were discussing songs by whites.

I wrote this about Katy Perry:
I like white music. Lots of good old pop songs have been forgotten. The biggest stars were not always the ones who were the best I think. The Jews also play a role. I noted that Katy Perry for example was doing christian songs. No success. Then she did a song about kissing a girl then BIG SUCCESS. I’ll bet the Jews liked that.

Additional thoughts:
In Australia you had The Seekers and they were just a normal quarter just doing folk music. They turned MASSIVE. They were totally enormous. They were a worldwide super-group. Problem. They were just doing normal folk songs that would “speak” to normal folks. They were not a bunch of weirdo Jewish influenced bands.

To me it shows that Jews try to drive an industry, like pop music for example, towards BLACKS … they did it over decades. But their degenerate shit is not always liked by whites and that on rare occasions some rather normal whites actually have a HUGE APPEAL, despite the Jews trying to fuck up and brainwash the youth.

Returning to Katy Perry. She tried a number of different things to succeed and ALL of them failed … UNTIL she did the song about kissing a girl. And I can’t help wondering if that is the secret to her success. That the Jews saw: Here is something sexually f*cked up … let’s make this BIG …

And anyone who becomes big then has to be surrounded by blacks, etc. So from there onwards, despite her talent, the Jews have to see to it that her music must promote Jewish race mixing and multicultural crap.

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