Did Jews lie about Mel Gibson? – Mel Gibson Did NOT Say Hollywood Elites “Feast On Blood Of Kids”


[I read the original article and found it interesting and a bit weird and sketchy. But it seems that this is a fake. So one has to ask: Who wrote the original? Are these the enemies (Jews???) at work trying to discredit Mel again? I’d like to know anything that Mel Gibson actually says. Jews love causing confusion when they can’t win by other means. Jan]

Mel Gibson did not say Hollywood elites “feast on the blood of kids,” despite an absurd new report from a website known for peddling fake news and conspiracy theories. Gossip Cop can debunk this latest piece of fiction. All of the quotes attributed to the actor in the article are fabricated.

According to YourNewsWire, Gibson recently told reporters in London that Hollywood studios are “drenched in the blood of innocent children” and “baby blood is so popular in Hollywood that it basically operates as a currency of its own.” The untrustworthy blog fails to mention exactly when or where the actor made such an outrageous accusation.

Still, the site further quotes Gibson as saying, “I don’t know how to break it to you gently… Hollywood is institutionalized pedophilia. They are using and abusing kids. They churn through a huge amount of kids every year. Their spiritual beliefs, if you can call them that, direct them to harvest the energy of the kids. They feast on this stuff and they thrive on it.”

The outlet also alleges that the actor said, “They harvest the blood of children. They eat their flesh. They believe this gives them life force. If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force… The blood of a sexually abused infant is considered highly ‘enriched’ and is highly prized.” Gibson supposedly concluded, “Babies are their premium brand of high-grade caviar cocaine diamond steak.”

Of course, this is all utterly absurd. For starters, YourNewsWire purports that Gibson made these statements in front of several journalists, and yet no other media outlet has reported on it. Regardless, Gossip Cop can confirm that all of the quotes accredited to the actor are fake. In fact, we recently called out the site for a similarly phony article alleging Keanu Reeves said Hollywood elites use the “blood of babies to get high.” This latest story is just more nonsense from the repeatedly discredited blog.

Source: https://www.gossipcop.com/mel-gibson-hollywood-elites-blood-kids-fake-news/

One thought on “Did Jews lie about Mel Gibson? – Mel Gibson Did NOT Say Hollywood Elites “Feast On Blood Of Kids”

  • 24th November 2018 at 11:31 am

    This probably has bearing on the jewish ritual murder of white Christian children.They drain the blood and use it in one of their bizarre rituals. Arnold Leese wrote extensively on the subject of jewish ritual murder.


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