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[In Beirut they had their 911 type of event, and like 911, which was carried out by Jews and Israel, it definitely looked extremely weird. When I looked at several of the videos of the weird explosion, and comparing it with what I've learned of video editing, I was really struck by that very strange, mushroom-like explosion that came after another part of the explosion. I did spend some time looking at ammonium nitrate explosions elsewhere and they do look different. There are obvious balls of red flame. This explosion is really weird and I've never seen anything like it. I think the idea that there are 2 explosions, with a second one that is caused by something else, is very possible. I am very wary of calling this a nuclear explosion, but it is weird and creepy. I would have written it off as video editing, however, I later saw film footage of the same explosion from different angles yet having the same effect. That is very weird. Did Israel fire or drop something else into the existing fire? It really could be. If anyone later finds more research on this, I am interested in it. Since Israel has access to the latest US technology, anything is possible. This does seem more than just an ammonium nitrate explosion because it is nothing at all like ammonium nitrate. There are lots of links and videos at the source below so it's best to go there to view them. It's got some really good stuff there. I'm not so sure about Trump confirming this. But there is definite weirdness in this. Jan]

Trump confirms this was a bombing, not an accident and is immediately scourged by pro-Israel press…starting with the Daily Beast

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor -August 7, 2020126254982

#Breaking #Syria President Assad orders all borders and ports in the country open to #Lebanon, orders caravans of ambulances to head to #Beirut and ferry injured to hospitals in #Damascus, and launches an air bridge of medical and food supplies between the two cities

Absurdity squared: YouTube and Facebook “Fact Checkers,” employed by the people VT claims staged the attack are wiping the evidence from the internet…who would have guessed it.

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with

Nahed al Husaini, VT Bureau Chief Damascus

Ian Greenhalgh, VT Editor
Jeff Smith, VT Editor, IAEA Nuclear Inspector/Particle Physicist

This is the original video frame, never posted anywhere, that proves everything on Facebook and YouTube which was taken down is real.

You can view all the photos and videos at this link: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/08/07/breaking-israel-nukes-beirut/

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