Decorated US Navy Seal and U.S. Secretary of the Interior under Trump running for Congress: Ryan Zinke

[I like military men. Though these guys don't seem to really be able to hold their ground in the insane corrupt world of (((Liberal))) politics. But he might be worth voting for. He worked for Trump. Jan]

Meet Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke is a fifth generation Montanan who has dedicated his life to serving our great nation and state. Ryan is a decorated U.S. Navy SEAL officer who retired after 23 years of military service. After the military, Ryan served two terms as a State Senator, was twice elected as Montana’s Congressman, and served two years as U.S. Secretary of the Interior. Now after a couple quiet years spent with his family, he is signing up again to serve in Congress to help save America from threats we face both foreign and domestic.

Ryan is a Constitutional conservative who believes in the vision our forefathers laid out which protects individual liberties, separates powers between the three branches of government and ensures the rights of our states. His decisions are based on upholding the Constitution and doing what is right for Montana and America. Ryan believes and lives the truth of American Exceptionalism and recognizes the unique role that the United States of America plays in global prosperity and security.

In Congress, Ryan will once again be a champion of the issues most important to Montana:

Low taxes and a strong economy

Securing our nations’ border

Conservation and public access to public lands

Keeping our promise to our veterans

Protecting our Second Amendment & individual liberties

Peace through strength

American energy independence

Limited Federal government intervention

Sovereignty of Montana’s great Tribal Nations

Ryan knows that the problem is not that there’s too much Montana in D.C.; the problem is that there’s too much D.C. in Montana.


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