De-Nazification: Destroying German control of Germany – Also: US South & Boers – Destroying White Rule


[I received this from Jim Rizoli. This is very interesting, and totally sad too of how the Germans were demoted and destroyed in their own country. This is similar to what happened in the American south with the carpetbaggers (Jews). But it also happened to the Boers in South Africa. I had an uncle who told me that in the 1920s, when he was young, that Boers were not allowed into business in South Africa. The "English" (read Jews) prevented that. So the Boers had to fight their way forward to get access and to build up their own institutions. One thing that helps the Boers/Afrikaners is that they use their language, Afrikaans, as the reason why they create their own institutions. This is very clever and it works very well for them, to this day, even under Black rule. It is one of the cleverest tricks they use to try to retain some kind of influence in a nation they would otherwise have no influence in. But returning to the Germans, this shows you how Jews came to rape and destroy Germany. A German friend of mine told me, that since WW2, Germany has only be ruled by a real German ONCE. No ruler of Germany, is an actual true German. Merkel is a Polish Jew. WHITES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ARISE AND WHITES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE THEIR OWN NATIONS. As we speak, Whites in the USA are willingly being cheated out of power in their own countries. This is another topic we'll touch on shortly. All this is very sad. WHAT WE WHITES NEED ARE 100% WHITE STATES RUN BY WHITES – END OF STORY – and we should assist each other in order to get this state of affairs again. But whenever Whites stick together, they get viciously attacked and Jews do their utmost to destroy them reputationally, economically and, eventually, militarily. Jews hate a Whites only society. They do their utmost to dismantle and destroy it. Hitler was creating a new order, a fantastic system that would benefit Germans, Europe and all Whites, if only it had survived. Next time, WE MUST ALL FIGHT ON THE SAME SIDE. Jan]

Jim sent this note: Interview in German with written English translation by Dagmar

Marianne über das jüdische Leben in Deutschland nach 45 | GESCHICHTE | D

  1. January 2021 Interview Marianne and Nikolai Min 37:00 – 42:00

Let us recap: In Germany there were 1060 camps and the same amount of UNRRA teams that were in charge of the camps. The Headquarter camps

had minor camps attached to them. It was a gigantic camp network. We understand that the Counterfeit works of Föhrenwald was a huge false ID enterprise to issue new German papers for camp inmates as required, Germany wide. (Book: Josef Burg: Schuld und Sühne. Majdanek forever) It was a gigantic undertaking that required the best falsifying experts available.

And indeed, every stamp, every seal, every official form could be printed and counterfeited.The secret servant agents had genuine German Reichs Forms at their disposal. German passports, genuine forms, invented family backgrounds, even Christian confessions, Catholic or Protestants, testimonies, trade certificates, professional licences all new off the printing presses. All DPs (displaced persons) received new names. They might go in as Chaim Mordecai Silberzweig and come out as Joachim Weiß. Thousands, even millions of Jews and Gypsies were given new German identities. With these they entered the mainstream of German life and were placed in good positions. From 1945 onward Germans did not receive any place at Universities and High Schools.

In a book by Herbert Grabert :"Highschool Teachers accuse" we read that 4500 German teachers lost their jobs and were replaced by Jews and Gypsies.

With this the removal the excellence of German education was assured. Germans were placed into "special camps" eg. Sachsenhausen where many died under untold suffering. Books speak of 20,000 victims. Numerous books have been written in regards to this but have been removed from circulation. These events have been kept secret for 75 years from the German population. This I can verify. I too have not heard of eg. the Rheinwiesen camps until eight years ago, nor of the events spoken of in this interview. Ever, before.

I once again perceive that the Allies, nations such as France, England and USA had matters handed over to a new master who in no way adhered to anything resembling the "Geneva Convention".

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