David Irving’s Daughter confirms he is still alive…

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This is what David Irving’s daughter wrote in the comments on the website:

FEBRUARY 20, 2024 AT 11:09 PM
Hello, David has not passed. He is still alive but simply not well enough to continue working.

Below were many comments, but I agree with this one for sure:

FEBRUARY 21, 2024 AT 8:20 AM
David Irving has been the highest quality historian for over 60 years now. I first read his books in the 1980s. These books were easily available. As powerful forces tried to suppress his work he entered into a new phase, self publishing and distribution. We met through the post. His friend down South that handled USA distribution was a good guy, but then he was unavailable. I complained and received a letter and refund directly from David Irving, as his friend was murdered. I then started to help Me. Irving, set up a few small lecture groups, helped sell some books. It was always fun and interesting to hear him speak. It’s been an honour knowing you my friend. I hope the best for you and your family.

Here’s the source link: https://irvingbooks.com/blog/support-david-irving/#comment-123956

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