David Irving’s book on Himmler might be disappointing… How good is it really?

From one of my readers, some thoughts about Irving’s book on Himmler. It seems Irving has reached the end, and he is not only in bad health, but he is not pulling off the literary feats of excellence he once was capable of. It’s sad because the topic is important. I am waiting for more feedback on the Himmler book and also feedback from anyone else who has read it.

This is what the reader wrote:
I think I’ve worked out what’s happened with the Himmler book. When I

i first met Irving in 2014, my two friends who came with me, and I thought
he may have had a little stroke. When I met him again last year he was
quite frail, and his voice was weak, he even spoke about "losing" his
speaking voice. He makes lots of statements in the book such as, "we’ll
hear more about him, or that, later" – but he fails to make some of those
connections again. For example, the Posnen speech Himmler gave. One of his
most important and allegedly damning speeches – he never mentions it again
after it is first brought up on page 32. Major error in my opinion. I
think age, and what he has endured, has taken its toll.

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