David Irving – The Greatest hero to come out of the Jewish British Isles – maybe ever…

[I wrote this to someone about David Irving the Historian. There are people who have negative things to say about him, and these days he IS WEAK – primarily, his obsession with Operation Reinhardt and the notion that Jews were killed. But he is also very old and has lived a life of intense pressure from Jews who used every means to destroy his marvellous success. If Irving had been left alone, to experience true success, and if his own publisher had not actively destroyed his books, David Irving ALONE might have turned around all world opinion around on the issue of Hitler and the high ranking NAZIS. Irving alone, could have saved the retarded, Jew-loving, Anglo world. I regard David Irving as an amazing hero of modern times in terms of success and the breadth with which he spread a tremendous message. As for Irving's personal research, which spanned decades – it was marvelous and incredible what he uncovered. Despite being an amateur, he certainly did a task equal to that of any professional. Irving, unquestionably, deserves a place among the HEROES of modern times of our race. Irving might even be the best thing that ever came out of that half-Jewish island of Britain. Jan]

I wrote this to someone:-

Irving did one of the most stunning jobs that ever came out of the Anglo world. Irving took on the world and made enormous strides. And so what if he has an ego, an ego helps to drive a man forward. He deserves everything he got. He’s probably the best thing that ever came out of the stupid British Isles. He can certainly walk tall.

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