CryptoMining usefulness: Etherium is doing $31 billion in transactions…


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As I have mentioned before, there are differences between the different crypto currencies. Bitcoin is much like a type of "gold", a limited supply crypto which therefore should hold it’s value BECAUSE IT IS LIMITED.

But there are many crypto types. Etherium, the No 1 crypto is designed for transactions. That is not to say it is the best one for transactions. But that was it’s original design. This included very advanced concepts like "DEFI" (Decentralised Finance) and complex computer driven contracts that are automated.

As a computer programmer, these concepts make sense to me.

These are by no means the end of the line. Crypto might be the beginning of enormous things.

Cardano might be an even better transaction crypto.

But I want to return to Etherium because I was reading today that in a single day Etherium is now doing TRANSACTIONS of $31 billion! Just let that sink in. Etherium is doing transactions … buying, selling, borrowing, etc, etc … to the tune of $31 billion!!!!

That is freaking enormous. That shows you that a transaction based crypto is NOT A TOY. This has real world value.

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