Croatian War Master says: Jan Lamprecht, Kai Murros and Richard Spencer must do a Show


One of my loyal supporters is a Croatian, who calls himself Croatian War Master. He has often published a comment talking about how he would like to see me, Kai Murros and Richard Spencer doing a show. he thinks we’d be awesome together due to our outlook on our race and what we’re capable of. He wrote:


Jan Lamprecht, Kai Murros and Richard Spencer is a conversation I would like to hear. These three men understand the will to power and reestablishment of the Roman Empire as a white racial empire. There is a reason why EVERY universal and great leader wanted to proclaim himself THE Roman Emperor and descendant of Rome.

I replied:

You’ve mentioned this several times before, and I have meant each time to say that YES YES YES, I’d be game. I’ve seen some of Kai’s work and I like him. He does excellent stuff. I’ve not followed Spencer but I know he’s big. I’ll post your comments on my site. I would happily take part in that chat. Yes, we must establish our Empire again. I have tons of things I want to put in videos. But I don’t just want to shoot my mouth off. I like doing videos that I put proper thought into. Yes, the Roman Empire = Hitler = Klassen = The way forward for our race! We, alone could easily occupy and rule more than half the world and nobody, not even the fake super-powers like China and xxx could stop us!

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