CREATING WHITE JEW-FREE INFRASTRUCTURE: BitChute – Mining their own cryptocurrency?

[Now that I'm finally on Bitchute, thanks to the technical help of someone in Europe, I'm looking at various things. To my amazement it seems there was an effort to create and mine a cryptocurrency. It seems to be defunct and there's not much info on it. I found this write-up on REDDIT. 

I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED WITH BITCHUTE. I had a negative attitude towards it because I had struggled to get on to it in the past and could never succeed. It was really due to the tricky problems associated with it. This is not a negative – I can appreciate the complexities involved. 
Bitchute is unequestionably the biggest platform yet created by whites. I was looking at its internet ranking and I'm seriously impressed. 
Youtube screwed themselves up their asses. I am so happy with things I see on bitchute. 
I am a deep believer in the creation of Whites-Only-Jew-FREE structures in every sense of the word. It is critically necessary. Jan]

Here is what someone posted about the Bitchute crypto:-

The Chutoken Project

Chutoken information needed

Hi, I am interested in Bitchute’s token initiative, Chutoken. However, I am not finding much info on it. Here are my questions…

I can’t seem to mine it with my browser. Every Browser seems to block it. The only mining information I see is on Github, which I don’t 100% understand.

What are the plans with the token?

Who is devising the plan for the token?

How can we get more involved with the token?

Are Chutoken’s plans set yet, or still in flux?

Any info would be great. Thanks.

5 months ago
Bitchute user here, I actually made a video in part on this subject:


Bitchute has a Github repo where they appear to have a hard-forked version of Monero listed as Chutoken, among other things ( ).

Unfortunately, neither Chutoken nor Chutoken-pool (presumed to be a pool miner) have seen development in well over a year or two.

At last check, the Chutoken miner page run by Bitchute appears to connect not to any Chutoken miner, but actually to the now-defunct AuthedMine version of CoinHive. Since CoinHive shut down, this means the Bitchute miner now points to nothing and mining there accomplishes nothing. I haven’t checked up on it recently, but if the page is still there and hasn’t disabled mining, that’s a little concerning.

5 months ago
Hey thanks for the information. I hope this initiative is not languishing, but it appears to be. Who is supposed to be in charge of the Chutoken plan?


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