COVID is making the world CRAZY… Great stuff!!!!

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As I read stories and look at videos and various things, I must tell you COVID is making Whites especially crazy. Like seriously crazy. I saw a video, which I will post, of a White Ukrainian man who went with a handgrenade to a COVID vaccination centre.

Finally, these Jews and rich bastards have finally sent people over the edge with this destruction of society.

This excites me a lot. People need to go over the edge and out of their minds.

And people are posting more and more TRUTH and wild stuff too on the websites where the Big Tech Jews can’t censor them.

I was watching a video where a US Cop was talking about how many cops are FREEMASONS. He was one. Freemasonry is owned by the Jews.

Things are getting wild. This is awesome.

Out of this madness, we will be able to make a break for FREEDOM.

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