COVID Human Lab Rats: Did 12-year-old die from Pfizer vaccine?

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[Some of these stories are crazy about what is happening to people. Jan]

Did 12-year-old die from Pfizer?

We received word that 12-year-old promising tennis player Cloe Giani Giavazzi died on Thursday after a “sudden illness.” Her mother discovered the young girl’s body in their Milan home. It could be pure coincidence as mainstream media want all of these stories to be. Again, Italian officials authorized Pfizer shots for 12-year-olds on June 1. There’s no definitive word whether or not Ms. Giavazzi received the shot. But it sure is bad timing if nothing else.

We’ve written at least eight Italy-specific stories on this blog since January. The government seems to be fine with older people dying after the shots, while putting on a fake-concern show about the younger population. Italy is an aging country. Only Japan has a higher percentage of age 65+ citizens than Italy. Yet they are willingly killing off seniors, while sterilizing the next generation. It’s quite scary what is happening there.

Those of us who survive the COVID agenda with our genes intact will be a unique breed of human, particularly those under-40 and still desiring to have children. Think about it – we’ve seen nothing but population control agendas since the turn of the 21st century, whether it’s promotion and normalization of gender deception and homosexual culture, GMO foods, or the myriad “vaccines” babies get right out of the womb.

It’s going to be so surreal watching and reporting on this human transformation in the next year or two. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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