CORRUPTION CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE: We forget Hitler the honest leader with very little money…

When I look at the insane corruption everywhere and Jews openly running around corrupting every dumb retarded worthless scum politician they can find, I think of Leon Degrelle writing about Hitler and how little money he had even when he ran Germany. He actually lived an extremely frugal life. As a human being he was very very frugal and simple in his habits.

Compare that to a world where everything is for sale. You don’t even know half of it in South Africa. Literally EVERYTHING is for sale.

I must tell you I think a hangman’s noose is definitely needed, and I think some beheadings as well as firing squads are needed all across the Western World. Seriously.

Some serious cleanup is needed. The Jews have corrupted everyone … even including US Military Generals.

It is so disgusting.

Hitler is a total SAINT by comparison.

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