Comments on my websites: Learning from Bitchute

Among the Technical things I need to do on my websites is to sort out comments. I was intent on Disqus, but then other people came up with concerns about it and also with better suggestions.

On Bitchute they have Disqus, and one thing I did not like were spammers on there. I did however make use of their system to complain about spam being put on my channels. The system is not perfect, but it does have a lot of merits.

All in all, I have enjoyed Disqus, and its been fun and pleasant to see the comments coming in on my bitchute channel.

The big negative for me with comments on my sites as they are now has been the fact that I need to check everything, and that’s just way too tedious.

That’s why I need to make the necessary changes to my sites so that things are more automated. Having seen the chats I can have on Disqus, it has made me feel more comfortable that once I enable comments on my sites properly, that we can have a lot of fun.

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