CNN’s Brian Stelter asshole, married a Jewess, raises his children JEWISH

Here’s a real prick, Brian Stelter. He’s a useless unpopular asshole on CNN. I’m not sure if he’s been demoted or pushed down. But his dumb show had the lowest raitings on CNN:

The interesting thing about this fool is that he’s actually a Methodist, a Christian, who married a Jewish hag. So it doesn’t seem as if he has ever gone through the laborious process of converting to the worthless religion of garbage aka Judaism. But he is clearly 100% on the side of the Jews and is raising his kids Jewish. I see he spent the earlier part of his career working for the Jewish owned New York Times.

The guy is a born loser for sure.

On wikipedia it tells us this:
Stelter was raised Methodist, and is non-religious.[8] Stelter dated CNBC anchor Nicole Lapin in 2011.[9] He stated he had to inform his editor of the relationship, and he agreed not to cover CNBC while they were dating.[10]

On February 22, 2014, he married Jamie Shupak,[11] a traffic anchor for NY1.[12][13] The couple married in a Jewish ceremony, and plan to raise their children in Shupak’s Jewish faith.[8] Together, they had a daughter, born in May 2017,[14] and a son, born in August 2019.[15] They live in the Lincoln Square neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.[16]


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