Church of the Creator Founder Ben Klassen’s Writings Reveal Militarism, Racism and Nazism – My Comments

[Here is what the hate-filled, Jewish SPLC have to say about Ben Klassen, the founder of the Church of Creativity. They HATE Ben Klassen intensely. You can see it for yourself. The bottom line is that if Whites seek freedom, and a system that will work for us, you will see that ALL THE PATHS ARE BLOCKED BY THE JEWS. As Alex Linder has said, "The only way out is through the Jews". This is totally true. The Jews have the European race hemmed into its cattle pen, and all the gates are closed. If you want to break out … White man … you're going to have to physically bust out of that cattle pen. There's no easy way out. You can't vote your way out. You can't negotiate or talk your way out. Ben Klassen was right. Jan]

Church of the Creator founder Ben Klassen’s writings, considered holy by his followers, reveal pervasive militarism, racism, and Nazism.

The prolific writings of Ben Klassen, inventor of an early version of the electric can-opener and founder of the original Church of the Creator, are treated by his successors as holy.

Klassen, who committed suicide in 1993, is seen as the greatest man in history, followed by Adolf Hitler and, presumably, the group’s current leader, Matt Hale.

Klassen’s texts are used in "sermons" of the group and examined in study sessions. Here are excerpts:

"We gird for total war against the Jews and the rest of the goddamned mud races of the world — politically, militantly, financially, morally and religiously. In fact, we regard it as the heart of our religious creed, and as the most sacred credo of all. We regard it as a holy war to the finish — a racial holy war. Rahowa! is INEVITABLE." (1987)

"We are in harmony with the Leadership Principle as expounded by Adolf Hitler and consider the former Nazi Party and governmental organization as a model structure for our own future development. We consider Hitler’s Nazi Germany between 1933-39 as the finest and most efficient society the White Race has ever produced… ." (1987)

"We believe that in the battle for individual survival and the survival of our race, Nature tells us that any means is morally justified. Survival is all important, nothing else matters. In the matter of survival of our race, we take the firm position that any means justifies this end, and no price is too high." (1981)

"There are basically two ways… . One is persuasion and reason, and the other is terrorism. When persuasion and reason fail, the only recourse is violence, legal or illegal." (1981)


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