Christianity built this Civilisation – So what now? – Where does the White Race go AFTER Christianity?


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[I wrote this to an American lady who was bemoaning the fact that this civilisation was built by Christianity and that there was no future. Jan]

re: ChristianityWhites will use any tool as long as it is beneficial. If a tool, like Christianity, becomes a big negative and threatens our future and survival, then people will dump it over a period of time.

It won’t go away in a day. Nietzsche predicted the death of Christianity over a hundred years ago, and he said that it would take CENTURIES for it to finally die out – but it is going away.

The current civilisation was built by Christians, but keep in mind that Christianity also destroyed the previous, greater civilisation of the Roman Empire. As for Christianity building this civilisation, keep in mind that this civilisation’s greatest scientific progress only came about due to the rediscovery of the Roman and Greek texts which Christians had suppressed for 1,000 years. Christianity not only destroyed our pagan past, but brought ignorance to us, and it was only the rediscovery of our pagan past that caused science to explode. It could thus be argued that the path back towards Paganism started 500 years ago. In fact, the rise of Hitler and Napoleon and even Frederick the Great, might be the first stabs at "militant paganism" showing what is possible.

But I repeat, in broader, civilisation-level terms, if something becomes negative for a people and it hurts and harms them and it can’t defend against the latest "external threat" then it will either be modified, or even dumped. The process just takes very long.

Don’t get too hung up on Christianity. We were Pagans for over 40,000 years and doing fine. Christianity is merely an interlude of 1,700 years.

All that matters is our survival and having the right values that will allow our survival. Many will cling to Christianity, for the sentimental reasons, but in truth, its main value has been as a "store of ethics". But we had a store of ethics before Christianity, and we will even keep most of our original ethics EVEN IF WE ARE PAGANS OR ATHEISTS. I used to believe that Atheism would bring with it all kinds of horrors, but I no longer concern myself with that. We will retain WHAT WE WANT TO RETAIN, WHAT MAKES US FEEL COMFORTABLE. Many pagan values, for example, were mutated into Christianity, and most of our values will probably remain unchanged, and very likely even be improved when Christianity is gone.

Nobody ever suggests that there may be improvements! And why not? Christianity does not value race …. but when we are Pagans or Atheists, race might (and should) be our highest ethic. And that would be an enormous improvement wouldn’t it?

Interestingly, I was reading in Le Bon’s book about crowds (1896), that he also mentioned Christianity and the Afterlife. He compared Christianity and Socialism (Jewish communism). He actually predicted the rise and fall of communism!!! He said that socialism (communism), would rise regardless of its lack of basic logical facts. But he predicted, where it would fall would be when it needs to deliver on its promises IN THIS LIFE! He pointed out that the superiority of Christianity lay in the fact that it’s promises are AFTER THIS LIFE and therefore CANNOT BE CONTESTED OR DISPROVED – and this is why Christianity would last longer than socialism! You cannot physically measure whether the Afterlife is true – there is always some doubt – and this gives Christianity an edge since it cannot be openly disproved. People can always claim that this side of it is real, unproven … and thereby give (false) hope.

Truly, we need to worry less about fantasies and more about reality. As a people we need to transition away from hoping and waiting, to working and doing and building and fighting for what we want.

I think in some respects we are out of touch with reality. The good news though is that we are not alone. Jews are totally out of touch with reality, and blacks themselves are not that solid on reality either. We are still the closest to REALITY … but we need to dump our final fantasies. But that can only be done when we have a strong enough framework of our new religion. e.g. like Creativity. We need goals and a proper set of values. But this is already being thrashed out here on the Internet.

We won’t be annihilated. We’re just in the midst of massive change, and as time goes by, we will regain our confidence and start smashing our enemies again.

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