Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson (POS & crypto-Jew) HATES the White Right (& Germans!)

[When people told me about this awesome Canadian Jordan Peterson, I watched a bunch of his videos. He is a rabid hater of Germans. He hates the Germans, especially Hitler and the NAZIs (the real Germans) to the CORE!

My Boer Nazi pal is convinced that Peterson is an actual Jew. I also think so. He pretends to be manly and tough and “independent minded” but he’s just the latest face of the Jew trying to steal the white audience.

However, he is a liar and a hater of the white right. He says “unearned identity with the glories of the past”. Our glories of the past were very real; earned by blood, sweat and tears and unmatched by other histories. Clearly he hates whites too. I say he’s a Jew. Jan]

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