Canada: Mass Immigration Worsens the Housing Crisis

[Just got this from Paul Fromm of CAFE in Canada. More problems from the influx of foreign non-White garbage citizens which the Jews of Canada want! More problems for Whites! Jan]

For two decades, the Canadian Immigration Hotline has been warning that mass immigration — the bulk of it settling in Vancouver and the Great Toronto Area (GTA) — is the major cost of soaring prices for houses and rent in these areas. For years, British Columbia politicians played silly goose and appeared mystified by wildly rising prices for homes. Any realtor or observant individual knew that billions of dollars were entering the country and rich Chinese were bidding up the price of housing so that even a 1940s era working class home in the East End could run $1-million. Housing in Vancouver was becoming unaffordable for young native-born Canadians. The feigned ignorance was a wretched combination of cowardice (don’t want to appear "racist") and greed. A lot of people were making a killing catering to these rich newcomers who often left mansions empty or occupied only occasionally by their college age children.

Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, has no inhibitions in nailing the mass immigration policies of both the Liberals and Conservatives as a major factor is soaring housing and rental costs in much of Canada. In an April 23 statement headlined "Lower Immigration Will Help Solve the Housing Crisis," he wrote:

" Annual inflation hit another 30-year record in March, with an annualized rate of 6.7%. Beyond gas and food prices that are exploding, one sector that is among the hardest hit is housing.

Since Trudeau was elected in 2015, the average price of a house in Canada has doubled. Yes, doubled to about $800,000 in only seven years!

In her budget two weeks ago, Chrystia Freeland announced another series of costly and inefficient measures to subsidize construction and home buying. But a few days later, she admitted that the problem is “mathematical”: Canada has the fastest growing population in the G7 because of high immigration, and the supply of housing is not growing fast enough to catch up with demand.

Justin Trudeau himself also admitted this week that immigration is partly responsible for exploding housing prices. Still, he wants more mass immigration, with the numbers increasing from 250,000 immigrants per year when he was elected to 450,000 next year.

Conservative leadership contender Pierre Poilievre offered his solution to the problem this week. He wants to “force” municipalities to change zoning laws and allow multi-unit construction in neighbourhoods with detached homes, or else he would punish them financially. Not only is it unconstitutional for Ottawa to meddle in municipal affairs.

It’s also a frontal attack on the freedom and local autonomy of families that decided to invest and live in a quiet neighbourhood, and don’t want its character to be destroyed by “densification.”

Poilievre has nothing to say about mass immigration of course. He and the Conservative Party support it just like the Liberals.

The real cost of mass immigration is that millions of young Canadians will never be able to afford a house where to raise their family as their parents and grandparents did.

We don’t need costly programs and federal attacks on local autonomy to solve the housing crisis. Lowering immigration to sustainable levels would be a simpler solution.

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