Can a Nation print money endlessly now without suffering hyper inflation?

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One of my supporters told me this: That there is an economic theory of money called MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) and that nowadays some of the advocates of this are saying that with America printing vast amounts of money, WITHOUT SUFFERING FROM HYPERINFLATION that this is a process that can now continue into the future WITHOUT side effects.

I’ve not been able to find other sources that concur with this.

But I am wondering if Jews are busy lying about things.

I also am not sure whether the manner in which you use the printed money can reduce the chances of inflation. The German economist Dr Werner was saying that if you spend money on productive things then inflation is not the result.

So this entire area of thinking … as claimed by my supporter DOES SOUND WEIRD. But I can’t confirm or add more myself.

So I’m just mentioning this in case we can get to an answer at some time.

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