Britain will fight to the last Frenchman – Israel will fight to the last American!


[In WW1, the Germans put out some propaganda which you see below. They say that the source is “Anonymous”, but in a military history book on propaganda, I saw that this was actually on German propaganda leaflets.

The Germans mocked the British by saying that Britain would fight to the last Frenchman!!

We really should say in this modern time (of pure idiocy), that Israel will fight to the LAST AMERICAN!!!

Not only that, but when the Americans are finished and worn out, and the entire world has a seething HATRED for Americans, watch how the Jewish scum of Israel will turn its back on America and side with China or Russia.

Jews are filth and garbage. America is the modern “British Empire” – read: Jewish/British Empire. The Jews are making America engage in violent conquests for money just like they once had the Royal Navy and British Army do for them. And that whole exercise collapsed like a pack of cards. I have nothing but contempt for the British I tell you – ruled as they are by the Jews … and as they lick the shoes of the Rothschilds. Jan]

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