Britain under the heel of the Jew – Prince Charles to convert to Judaism – Jack the Ripper was a Jew

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Here is an exchange between one of my readers and myself, a pretty woken British guy, He wrote:

Hi Jan

I just wanted to say thankyou for all the work you do. I discovered the truth about 10 years ago and have myself been carrying out my own research. I came across your youtube channel a few years ago but due to you and myself having our channels shut down I lost contact until I started moving to bitchute. I’m so pleased I received this email as it can now be stored in my research folder and I have marked down all the sites so that I don’t lose them again. I’ve been looking into the structure of jewish power in western nations and I am fully aware and have looked at the holohoax several times wondering how I was so fooled. However it seems that all of the people who have learned the truth are a very knowledgeable few whom I feel personally honored to be among. I have never had any contact with the tribe except once when I was younger to which I look back on now and see why the incident happened. (I was basically called an evil person by a orthodox jewish guy in an airport because I told him to stop preaching at me as I had only given him a light for his cigarette and at the time I had no religious thoughts and to be honest was embarrased in front of my girlfriend which I reacted badly as a 21 year old full of his own importance I challenged him to fight and he huffed, told me to f off and went about his way. Since then so much I thought I knew has proved laughable and now I attempt (mostly successfully) to bring people to the truth about our enemies. Thankyou again for all your work and I hope to be as useful myself some day and help the cause we all are fighting until our fellow white people realise the truth beyond the lies.

Your friend in the UK

I replied:

Hi ,

Please see my notes about the British Royal Family. I believe they’re about 1/2 Jewish and I know your aristocracy is loaded with Jews.

I have almost totally given up hope for Britain and it’s nice to hear a Brit actually openly talking about the Jewish issue.

Most specifically, in the UK, surely, you folks know a lot more and can find more on the hideous Rothschild family and their kids. I suspect the Rothschilds have trillions, but it is hidden in 1001 different places and it’s all out of public sight. I suspect their real value must be immense, beyond all imagination.

Also in 2014, Prince Charles was wearing a kippa, and it was published that he had been speaking to Jewish Rabbis for a number of years and that within 3 years he would convert to Judaism. I assume he has not announced converting to Judaism. But that might be to hide the fact that it has happened. Now the President of South Africa, the filthy slimy snake communist, Ramaphosa, might be a black son of a bitch who converted to Judaism. I will give more info and evidence for that later. But that too is not public knowledge.

If you can ever get more info on the Royals and the Rothschilds and their Jewish links that would be of great interest. I assume you know that Jack the Ripper was a Polish Jew and notice how your Govt locked those records for 100 years hey? Just like they’ve locked the records on JFK for a long time. I think to this day none of that is out.

I think if Brits like you and others can investigate your system on the inside as quietly as possible and help to get data out, that it would be of huge value to our race. Your country seems to be totally Jewish controlled. I have a video about the UK and what they got up to AFTER getting rid of their colonies, and in there you can see a lot of the Jewish banking nonsense at its finest. But I’ve left that for later because I need to focus on more urgent things like racial conflict.

Keep in touch. And also please let me know if whites in the UK can ever manage to get your country out of the grips of Jews!

BTW did you know a South African wrote a small booklet called: Britain under the heel of the Jew, and it was BANNED in the UK for a long time! Go figure … a white South African’s writing banned in the UK!!!! 🙂 It must have touched a sore point.

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About ten or so years ago, my best Jewish friend one day told me that a very important black man has converted to Judaism but he refused to tell me the black mans name. This topic came up more than once, and he repeated this. Each time I asked him for the black mans name but he refused to give it to me. In this video, we look very closely at the extremely, uncomfortably close relationship between the President of South Africa and the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, the top Jew, in charge of the Jews.

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