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The Soviet Slave Empire (1951) by Albert Konrad Herling

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Here is the first documented exposé of slave labor both in the USSR and in its satellite countries. Here are photostats of documents from the very files of the Russian secret police. Here is strong light on the dark places of Soviet economic policy in the “People’s Democracies.” And here are human stories that add flesh and blood to the documents. This is a study which will have to be taken into account in the welter of current discussions revolving about United States foreign policy.

Albert Herling has interviewed hundreds of former inmates of Soviet labor camps. He has a thick pile of Soviet documents, here represented by photostats for America. Having shown the pattern of the slave labor system, the author here shows the design for the U.S., and brings out the deeper meanings for the reader by showing how the Soviet slave system would affect the average American if Communism triumphed here. It is an interpretation of everything that has gone before. Here the American citizen is asked to put himself in the shoes of fellow-humans under the lash of slavery.

THE AUTHOR: Only a handful of men in the entire free world have access to the material that passes through Albert Konrad Herling’s hands. He is Director of Research for the Commission of Inquiry into Forced Labor (of which the chairman is President Gideonse of Brooklyn College) and a consultant to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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