Books Falsehood In War Time (1921)

Contents: The Commitment to France; Serbia and the Murder of the Archduke; Invasion of Belgium as Cause of War; Germany’s Sole Responsibility for the War; Passage of Russian Troops Through Great Britain; The Mutilated Nurse; The Criminal Kaiser; The Belgian Baby Without Hands; The Louvain Altar-Piece; The Contemptible Little Army; Deutschland Uber Alles; The Baby of Courbeck Loo; The Crucified Canadian; The Shooting of the Franzosling; Little Alf’s Stamp Collection; The Tattooed Man; The Corpse Factory; The Bishop of Zanzibar’s Letter; The German U-Boat Outrage; Constantinople; The Lusitania; Report of a Broken-Up Meeting; Atrocity Stories; Faked Photographs; The Doctoring of Official Papers; Hypocritical Indignation; Other Lies; The Manufacture of News; War Aims; And Foreign Lies-Germany, France, The United States and Italy.

Obergruppenfuhrer SS

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