Bomb Shell: How the CIA & Germany spied on the world’s Govts through SWITZERLAND!


[Take a look at this. Now don't get your knickers in a knot over this. The Military and the spies do what they need to do. In the real world, you need to spy and you need to monitor things. The USA, since WW2 is exceptionally paranoid and spies like crazy, like Jewish Britain did. They seem to have dragged the Germans into it. Make no mistake the Russians are also big into spying, especially during the cold war. So WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD. In the REAL WORLD, only power matters, and all these other little laws and "rights" have no meaning. But in THIS WORLD, the REAL WORLD, the WHITE MAN CAN DOMINATE AND FUNCTION AT HIS FINEST. Stop being a girl, stop wanting a LIBERAL world, enter the world of the WHITE MALE and enter the REAL WORLD. We should anyway be WORKING TOGETHER AND NOT AGAINST EACH OTHER. Does it surprise me that they could penetrate Switzerland? Nope. Small nations are always at the mercy of bigger one. WHITE MALES: DON'T FEAR REALITY, JOIN REALITY … IT WILL WORK FOR ALL OF US! Heil Hitler! 14/88 Jan]

People walk in the front of the Credit Suisse bank at the tram stop Paradeplatz at the square’s centre in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2018. (Ennio Leanza/dpa via AP)

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP) — Swiss politicians have voiced outrage and demanded an investigation after revelations that a second Swiss encryption company was allegedly used by the CIA and its German counterpart to spy on governments worldwide.

“How can such a thing happen in a country that claims to be neutral like Switzerland?” co-head of Switzerland’s Socialist Party, Cedric Wermuth, asked in an interview with Swiss public broadcaster SRF late Thursday.

He called for a parliamentary inquiry after an SRF investigation broadcast on Wednesday found that a second Swiss encryption firm had been part of a spectacular espionage scheme orchestrated by U.S. and German intelligence services.

A first investigation had revealed back in February an elaborate, decades-long set-up, in which the CIA and its German counterpart creamed off the top-secret communications of governments through their hidden control of a Swiss encryption company called Crypto.

SRF’s report this week found that a second but smaller Swiss encryption firm, Omnisec, had been used in the same way.

That company, which was split off from Swiss cryptographic equipment maker Gretag in 1987, sold voice, fax and data encryption equipment to governments around the world until it halted operations two years ago.

SRF’s investigative program Rundschau concluded that, like Crypto, Omnisec had sold manipulated equipment to foreign governments and armies.

Omnisec meanwhile also sold its faulty OC-500 series devices to several federal agencies in Switzerland, including its own intelligence agencies, as well as to Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, and other private companies in the country, the SRF investigation showed.

Espionage within Switzerland?

The findings unleashed fresh outrage in Switzerland, which is still reeling from the Crypto revelations.

“This shows that the problem is broader than just one company and we still have no answers on the political responsibility aspect,” Wermuth said.

Hans-Peter Portman, a parliamentarian with the Liberal Party, agreed, saying he was particularly concerned to learn “Swiss businesses are likely implicated and possibly affected.”

“This raises the question of espionage even within the country,” he told SRF.

An investigation by the Swiss parliament’s Control Delegation into the Crypto case concluded earlier this month that Switzerland’s own intelligence service had benefitted from the information gathered by its foreign counterparts through the encryption firm.

According to the revelations in February by SRF, the Washington Post and German broadcaster ZDF, Crypto served for decades as a Trojan horse to spy on governments worldwide.

The company supplied devices for encoded communications to some 120 countries from after World War II to the beginning of this century, including to Iran, South American governments, India and Pakistan.

Unknown to those governments, Crypto was secretly acquired in 1970 by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency together with the then West Germany’s BND Federal Intelligence Service.

Together they rigged Crypto’s equipment to be able to easily break the codes and read the government customers’ messages.

Citing a classified internal CIA history of what was originally called operation “Thesaurus” and later “Rubicon,” the reports said that in the 1980s the harvest from the Crypto machines supplied roughly 40 percent of all the foreign communications US code-breakers processed for intelligence.

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