Black South African Police Minister Minister says: Crush their balls and make criminals drink their own URINE!

[Alex Linder found this post and posted it. Before you get excited by what this loud mouthed useless Govt official says… don’t worry. They TALK TOUGH BUT DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is totally meaningless – TOTALLY MEANINGLESS and they will do NOTHING about crime at all. Nothing. Don’t be fooled by a black Govt official pretending he’s going to be tough on the crimes committed against whites by the members of his race. He will DO NOTHING … LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO. Remember, talk is cheap. Jan]

You can read the article here:

He said in a speech to 200 new TRT recruits at Pretoria West Police Academy: ‘Where criminals congregate and come together we must unsettle them. We must squeeze them’

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