Black madness: Girlfriend Torments Wife Over Husband’s Prowess In The Bedroom

[If you think we whites have problems among ourselves … you should check out the blacks. Jan]

By A Correspondent- A Harare woman claims her husband’s girlfriend has been tormenting her by sending her text messages telling her that her husband is good in bed.

Rosemary Kambiya opened up at the Harare Civil Court where she accused Petronella Shumba of insulting her after snatching her husband.

“It’s been two months now and my husband has not been coming back home staying at his girlfriend’s place.

“The girlfriend has been calling me and sending text messages informing me how good my husband is.

“We stay in the same neighborhood and she has been visiting my place of residence to see my kids when I’m not around.

“She insults me whenever she sees me in public saying I am not responsible,” said Kambiya.

She added: “She has been telling my husband that the pregnancy I am carrying doesn’t belong to him.”

Petronella denied ever insulting Rosemary though she has been dating her husband.

“I have been seeing her husband for a year now and he promised to marry me.

“We started dating when they had separated so she came back when she realised that she was pregnant.

“I suggest being the second wife because I have been dating him for a long period of time and my relatives know him since I was also introduced to his parents,” said Petronella.

She added:

“She is lying that I have been insulting her because she is the one who has been visiting my house threatening to kill me if I don’t leave her husband.”

Presiding magistrate Nyasha Marufu ordered Petronella not to insult or harass Rosemary.-StateMedia


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